Eye Circles and Tear Trough Treatment | Deansgate, Manchester | Harley Street, London

Treatment Summary

No of treatments:
1 with possible top up
Procedure Time:


May be Required
Sensitivity Period :

1-2 days
Back To work :

Recovery Time:

2-3 DAYS
Duration of Results:

9 Months

Due to ageing and lifestyle factors, dark circles around the eyes can sometimes appear, creating unflattering shadows or bags under the eye. This can be instantly and effectively treated by dermal fillers or ULTRAcel – non surgical skin tightening treatment.


The filler is carefully injected under the eye to restore volume into the tear trough. Fillers essentially work by replacing the lost collagen due to the ageing process.

With instant results and small recovery time, dermal fillers are an extremely popular alternative to surgery.

We recommend pairing this treatment with either crow’s feet or the non-surgical brow lift injections to maximise results – please see pricing list of aesthetic treatments for 2 or 3 area injections.

Dermal fillers are gel based injections made from hyaluronic acid, a sugar molecule naturally occurring in the human body.

Non-surgical skin tightening – ULTRAcel eyebag treatment

ULTRAcel non-surgical skin tightening has 3 modes: Microneedling, Radio Frequency and Ultrasound.

For eye circles and tear trough treatment, a combination of Radio Frequency and Microneedling are used to repair and tighten the skin under the eye.

Radio Frequency uses thermal energy created by radio waves to rejuvenate cells in the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and microneedling uses small, automated needles to target the layer below (dermis). This tightens underlying skin tissues and promotes the growth of new collagen to replace the lost volume and elasticity responsible for causing eye circles.

There is a noticeable difference immediately after treatment and the skin tissues continue to tighten months after this procedure. There is no downtime and many clients return to work the same day after treatment.
For more information about ULTRAcel skin tightening, you can click the logo at the top right of the website or find the appropriate heading on the website.


How many treatments will I need?

With ULTRAcel clients may only require one session, with a possible top-up.
Fillers are naturally absorbed by the body after 9-12 months, so we recommend further treatments to maintain results.
For ULTRAcel appointments, you will have regular check-ups for the doctor to assess the results of treatment.

How long does it take to recover?

Dermal fillers have a small recovery time.
For ULTRAcel, the skin may have some redness and slight sensitivity for the next two to five days, similar to mild sunburn. Clients may return to work the same day after treatment.

Will I need anaesthetic?

Dermal fillers do not require anaesthetic, the gel contains anaesthetic in it.
For ULTRAcel, a topical anaesthetic cream may be used. This will be explained in further detail at your consultation.

Will I need a consultation?

Dermal fillers do not require a separate consultation and will be included at the start of your appointment.
ULTRAcel treatments require a consultation which costs £35. This will then be taken off the total treatment price.

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