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We provide hand rejuvenation treatment in Deansgate or Harley Street.

Treatment Summary Card

No of Treatments:

Procedure Time:


Back to work:

Recovery Time:

2-3 days
Sensitivity Period:

1-2 days
Duration of Results:
9 Months - 3 Years

Our hands are part of the body that are very susceptible to the signs of ageing, with wrinkles and loss of skin volume/elasticity being common problems around the hands, wrists and fingers. These areas are often overlooked despite being constantly exposed and used in daily life.
Ageing hands can also be caused by lifestyle factors (e.g. smoking, manual labour, consistent exposure to extreme temperatures etc.)
To remedy and rejuvenate wrinkled or aged hands, the following treatments can be used:

Glycolic Peel

A glycolic peel is applied to the hands. The glycolic acid works to remove the old skin cells on the surface of the skin to reveal the healthy new skin cells in the layer beneath. Due to this mechanism of action, glycolic peel treatment will also help reduce liver spots, wrinkles and blemishes on the hands as well.
With no downtime and no anaesthetic necessary, glycolic peels are an affordable and popular non-surgical option for hand rejuvenation.
At your appointment, the therapist will assess your hands and recommend what strength to use. The strength of glycolic peels can be increased after your first appointment.

Skin boosters

This treatment uses dermal fillers to add skin volume in tired or wrinkled hands. This treatment can also be used to fill welts or dips in the grooves of the hands and make them look more youthful in appearance.
The filler is carefully injected into specific areas of the hands by a doctor or nurse. The injection works by replacing the lost collagen in the hands, fingers and wrists. These fillers not only boost the skin volume and make the hands appear more youthful, they also greatly improve skin texture in these areas.
Instant, long-lasting results with no recovery time necessary.
Dermal fillers are gel based injections made from hyaluronic acid, a sugar molecule naturally occurring in the human body.

Non-surgical skin tightening – ULTRAcel

ULTRAcel non-surgical skin tightening has 3 modes: Microneedling, Radio Frequency and ULTRAsound.
For hand rejuvenation, the microneedling setting is commonly used.
Microneedling uses small, automated needles to penetrate the top layer of skin (epidermis) to rejuvenate the skin cells in the layer below (dermis). This creates healthy new skin cells to replace the lost volume and elasticity responsible for causing aged hands. This treatment will also help reduce scars, wrinkles or liver spots on the hands or fingers.
There is a noticeable difference immediately after treatment and the skin tissues continue to rejuvenate months after this procedure. There is no downtime and many clients return to work the same day after treatment.
For more information about ULTRAcel skin tightening, you can click the logo at the top right of the website or find the appropriate heading on the website.


How many treatments will I need?

This depends entirely on how your body responds to treatment. Some clients may only require one session, whereas others may need additional treatments to reduce the appearance of ageing hands.

Fillers are naturally absorbed by the body after 9 – 12 months, so we recommend further treatments to maintain results.

For ULTRAcel appointments, you will have regular check-ups with the doctor or nurse, to assess the results of your treatment.

How long does it take to recover?

Skin booster & Glycolic Peels have no recovery time and many clients return to work the same day after treatment.
For ULTRAcel, the skin may have some redness and slight sensitivity for the next two to five days.

Will I need anaesthetic?

Dermal fillers & Glycolic Peels do not require anaesthetic.
For ULTRAcel, a topical anaesthetic cream may be used. This will be explained in further detail at your consultation.

Will I need a consultation?

Dermal fillers and glycolic peels do not require a separate consultation and will be included at the start of your appointment.
ULTRAcel treatments require a consultation which costs £35. This will then be taken off the total treatment price.

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