Lip Fillers | Deansgate, Manchester | Harley Street, London

Treatment Summary Card

No. of Treatments:

Back to work:

Procedure time:

Recovery Time:


Duration of Results:

9 - 12 MONTHS
Sensitivity Period:

7-10 DAYS

How does it work?

The lips are injected with hyaluronic acid, giving them a significant boost in volume, texture and definition.
This treatment can also be used to contour and augment the shape of your lips. This can include changing the borders of your lip to appear more pronounced or smoothing over the lines that can appear at the corners of your mouth (often called lipstick lines or smoker’s lines).


What filler product do you use?
We use Restylane, Teosyal and Juvederm fillers. They are gel-based injections and are made from non-animal hyaluronic acid.

How long does it last?
The filler is slowly absorbed naturally by the body over time. The longevity of treatment can vary depending on individual factors like skin type, the client’s lifestyle and the area treated.