Lip Treatments We Offer at Neo-Derm

They have long been considered one of a woman’s most important facial features. Your lips and mouth show your emotions, and full lips have long been seen as a sign of youth and beauty. But the natural ageing process alters them. From the peak of fullness in your 20's, lips slowly change to become thinner, flatter and less defined. The reason? Your body produces less hyaluronic acid over time, essential for volume. At Neo-Derm we are experts at using lip fillers to replace this and retain a full and natural look, as well as other ways to enhance your mouth area.

Lip line treatment at Neo-Derm

Over time we may start to see small lines coming out from the borders of the lips (particularly the upper liper). Often they extend vertically from the lips and are sometimes called smokers’ lines or lipstick lines. Despite common thinking about smoking being the main factor, these lines are also the result of volume loss that comes with age but also due to repetitive pursing of the lips and creasing of the tissue due to intense muscular activity. That said, smoking is likely to be a major contributory cause due to the toxins in cigarettes damaging the skin and regular pursing of the lips.

Some of us naturally don’t have the volume we hope for in our lips and lip borders and the Cupid’s bow are less well defined in some people than in others. Perhaps you’ve noticed one or more of the following when looking at yourself in the mirror:
Thin lip volume – lips look don’t look as full or as plump as you’d like Flat or poorly pronounced shape to your lips – particularly noticeable with a less defined shape to your Cupid’s bow

Lip fillers at Neo-Derm