Male Waxing (soft wax treatment)

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How does it work?

First the treatment area is prepped with a pre-wax gel. Wax is heated and then applied to the body in the direction of hair growth. Once the wax cools, it is removed from the body taking the unwanted hair with it.

Hot wax is used as opposed to strip waxing as it is more gentle. Due to this, it is the preferred method for intimate waxing and armpit hair removal as these areas are more sensitive to treat.

After treatment you will be left with a perfectly smooth area that shaving could never achieve.

Treatable areas:

Chest, Abdomen, back, shoulders, neck, arms, eyebrows, ears, intimates (including manscaping), nostrils, beard, underarm and legs.
We also offer full body waxing and combined packages e.g. back neck and shoulders.


Does it hurt?

There is a brief period of discomfort when the wax is initially removed but the results are worth it. Soft waxing (sometimes called hot wax) is the least painful waxing treatment possible.

How long does it last?

The results vary depending on your body type and how quickly you grow hair. Waxing lasts longer than shaving as the hair follicles are fully removed, causing them to grow back slower.

Does Neo-Derm offer an alternative to waxing?

Yes, Neo-Derm offers IPL Hair Removal for a longer lasting or permanent hair reduction treatment.