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What causes a skin tag?
Anyone can develop a skin tag, but they are particularly common in older people. It is thought skin tags grow where skin rubs against skin or alternatively clothing; however some people develop them for no apparent reason.

What is the skin tag removal treatment?
At Neo-Derm Clinics UK, in both Deansgate and Harley Street, we use several techniques for skin tag removal. In your initial consultation your doctor will advise you of the best option for your individual case, which might be:

  • Excision Removal: The skin tag is carefully cut away using a scalpel.

  • Cryotherapy: The skin tag is frozen by applying Cryogen to the area – a liquid gas that produces freezing temperatures. The cold temperature kills the cells within the skin tag, blocking blood supply to the area and causing it to naturally fall off.

  • Hyfrecation: An electrical pulse is passed through the skin tag to damage the cells, causing the skin tag to fall off.

Whichever skin tag removal treatment method you and your doctor choose, the procedure should only take a few minutes to complete.

Safe skin tag removal with experienced doctors

Is skin tag removal safe?
Absolutely. At Neo-Derm Clinics UK you will be in the safest of hands, whichever removal method is selected by you and your doctor. The doctor you see will have spent intensive time treating within the industry, where they are tested against strict medical protocols exceeding all regulatory and clinical requirements.

Does skin tag removal hurt?
Your treatment will involve applying a local anaesthetic cream, or injecting a local anaesthetic to the skin tag area before removal, making treatment relatively painless. After treatment the skin left behind may be tender for a few days and will need to be covered. It is also best to use a strong sunscreen on the area.

Where on my body can I have skin tag removal?
You can have a skin tag removed from anywhere on your body. Our doctors have years of experience removing them from faces and sensitive and hard to reach places. Common affected areas include the eyelids, armpits, neck and groin.

Can I have my skin tag removed just because I don’t like the look of it?
Of course, unless your doctor feels there is a medical reason not to remove your skin tag. Unlike the NHS, who will only remove skin tags if they are potentially dangerous, at Neo-Derm Clinics UK we are used to removing skin tags for cosmetic reasons.

What results will I see following skin tag removal?
The treatment will completely remove the skin tag; however there will be a small white scar where removal took place. Other than that, complications are rare.

Will the skin tag grow back?
The treatment will permanently remove the skin tag. However, this will not stop skin tags growing back in other areas in the future. If this is the case, we will book you in for another treatment.

Look and feel your best with skin tag removal from our Deansgate or Harley Street branches.

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